Rüdiger apologises for De Bruyne ‘acute nose bone’ injury

Rüdiger apologises for De Bruyne ‘acute nose bone’ injury
Kevin De Bruyne

Chelsea's defender, Antonio Rüdiger, has tendered an apology to Manchester City's midfielder, Kevin De Bruyne, after leaving him with a broken nose and eye in the final of the Champions League.

WUZUPNIGERIA reported that the Belgian playmaker was forced off in tears during Saturday night's Champions League final as a result of a collision with the German.

Chelsea won the match 1-0 with De Bruyne, a former Stamford Bridge employee, revealing that he has been diagnosed with an "acute nose bone fracture and left orbital fracture" after leaving the hospital.

An orbital fracture is when there is a break in one of the bones surrounding the eyeball (called the orbit, or eye socket).

Usually this kind of injury is caused by blunt force trauma, when something hits the eye very hard.

"Still disappointed about yesterday obviously but we will be back," he told his fans amidst concerns of his availability for next month's EURO 2020 championship as a result of the injury.

However, in a recent tweet, Rüdiger who only received a yellow card for the offence claimed that the injury inflicted on the 29-year-old was "not intentional."

The German revealed that he had apologised personally to the Belgian, adding that "I'm really sorry for De Bruyne's injury", the defender said.

"I've already been in touch with Kevin personally and I really wish him a speedy recovery and hope we can see him back on the pitch very soon again."

Meanwhile, Belgium's head coach, Roberto Martínez, opined that "Rüdiger is very, very fortunate" not to receive a red card from referee Antonio Mateu Lahoz.

He continued: "When you look at the replay … there's no clash of heads. He's properly leaving the shoulder against Kevin. He seems concussed and we will see the state of that. But that leaves a sour taste, because Rüdiger's holding his head [as if he too was injured] — it's almost that he wants to show that he's hiding something.

"For me, it was excessive force and it was reckless. And it should have been a red card. Kevin is not a player that goes down for no reason. You can see the pain and it's a swollen eye."

Martinez's Belgium side will begin their EURO 2020 campaign in the opening Group B match that takes place on June 12 against Russia at St Petersburg.