Nigerian sprint queen, Blessing Okagbare, bags masters degree in US

Nigerian sprint queen, Blessing Okagbare, bags masters degree in US

Nigerian Olympic silver medalist, Blessing Okagbare, has graduated from Texas Tech University this weekend after completing her master's degree in interdisciplinary studies.

The Guinness Book of World Record holder shared videos of her graduation ceremony with her 10 thousand followers on Twitter on Friday night.

Texas Tech Today reported that Okagbare who won her first Olympic medal at age 19 said that the achievement " started to dawn on me there is more to this than just being happy about it" and she made a resolution that "this is a talent I really need to build on."

"From Olympic/World Championship medals to academic degrees, Okagbare's degree focuses on public administration, sports marketing and strategic communication and innovation and she plans to use her degree to make a difference in the sports world.

"I love track and field, I love a little bit of politics, and I love anything that gets me connected to people," Okagbare said. "So, when I come out of sports as a professional athlete, I don't want anything that will take me too far away from what I love and I have a passion for.

"Another thing was, there's so much in the sport I feel needs to be better. It doesn't need to be changed completely, but it needs to be better. So, just being an athlete for years and with all the experience I have, I chose sports marketing so if I decide to be I want to be a great marketer, I will be able to do that," she said.

Speaking further, Okagbare said that she got her master's degree for when she will fully retire from track and field.
She reiterated that she wanted something that keeps me close to the athletes, sports and everything that will make it better.
"I'm looking forward to making sure I stay connected to the athletes. Hopefully, I get to work with one of the shoe companies, where I can actually speak to the athletes about branding and apparel issues, what they want, the changes they want in sports and actually communicate that back to these companies."

She however noted that she is ready to come back home and ensure that when she speaks to people about how to restructure sports, they actually listen and know that it is a great step for other athletes.

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