Man United need new signings to challenge Manchester City – Solskjaer

Man United need new signings to challenge Manchester City – Solskjaer

Manchester United manager, Ole Gunnar Solskjaer, has revealed what his club needs to do to challenge newly crowned Premier League champions, Manchester City.

Having stalled their confirmation over the weekend, United handed City the inevitable trophy on Tuesday night when they lost 2-1 at the Old Trafford to Leicester City for the first time since 1998, according to Sky Sports.

Speaking after the game, Solskjaer highlighted the club's need to strengthen its squad with United being linked to the likes of Erling Haaland, Jadon Sancho as well as the prospect of making signings in strategic positions, including the defence.

They could also be looking to sign the likes of Jack Grealish, Harry Kane and Declan Rice

Solskjaer said: "First of all congratulations to Manchester City for winning the league, very worthy champions, we've got to hold our hands up."

"They have been lauded, and rightly so, as one of the best teams that have been in the Premier League, they have shown where the bar is.

"That is where we want to be. We are not there yet; they have put the bar where it is and it's up to us now to take the next step. That's a long process, what know what we want to do.

"Of course, this is not the position we want to be in. But the sensible answer is that we pushed City to the last 10, 12 days of the season.

"We've got to be big enough to hold our hands up, I don't mind doing that, but we know we want to get there and that is the next step we have to make. Hopefully, we can come together as a team and club and push next season."

Speaking to BT Sport after the defeat, Solskjaer added: "If you want to take up the challenge with them, of course, we need to strengthen our squad."

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