Inter’s Vidal contracts COVID-19 days after receiving vaccine

Inter’s Vidal contracts COVID-19 days after receiving vaccine
Arturo Vidal

Inter Milan combative midfielder, Arturo Vidal, has been hospitalised after he tests positive for coronavirus.
A statement released by the Chilean national team revealed on Monday.

Vidal who contracted the virus days after receiving his COVID-19 vaccination will now miss Thursday's World Cup qualifier between Chile and Argentina.

According to a statement on the national team's official website, the former Bayern Munich player was initially hospitalized with severe tonsilitis but tested positive for coronavirus on Monday.

"The medical team of the Chilean national team emphasizes that at the request of the player Arturo Vidal, it is announced that he has been diagnosed positive for Covid," the statement said.

It said no other players in the squad had tested positive for the virus.

The former Juventus star, who was vaccinated against the virus on Friday, will now miss the Qatar 2022 World Cup qualifier with Argentina and another qualifier against Bolivia next week in Santiago.