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Ladies stop passing the night at men’s houses, avoid getting raped, sports analyst advises


A Political and Sports Analyst has shared his views on sexual abuse via his social media handle.

According to the analyst identified as Deji, women should avoid sleeping in the houses or hotel rooms of men to avoid putting themselves in such dire situations.

In a series of tweets, Deji who wrote clearly that he condemned rape and other forms of sexual abuse, said that men involved in such inhumane habit be castrated forever.

His post reads ;

“I condemn rape and any form of sexual harassment. But let’s not fail to advise our girls not to be stupid. To reduce the rate of rape cases, put it straight, if you keep passing the nights in men’s houses or hotel rooms, you’re gonna be raped, don’t be stupid!!

All these stupid stories of clubbing till 3 am, then following a man to pass the night at his house or hotel rooms after clubbing and drinking should not be coming up again, they’re stupid!! Let’s make rape cases believable and easy to tackle head-on without doubts!!

I still insist that every confirmed rapist, not those falsely accused, those confirmed cases, the rapist should be castrated forever!! This will put an automatic stop to RAPE!! Then the fear of losing your penis won’t let you do anyhow!!!

MOST OF THESE RAPISTS ARE SOCIOPATHS, like serial killers, they go from one victim to another! Watch your movements and associations and avoid sleeping from one man’s house to another’s hotel room. Don’t be a victim!!! Atoto arere oo!!

Whether una like it or not, we will speak the truths. I’m not afraid of your venoms on twitter. Those who have brains will pick the advice. There’s a case being settled here, after sleeping a week in a guy’s house, you came back 5 days later that he raped you throughout your stay.”


See screenshot of his post below;