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Socialite Omotara mocks beggar after revealing that her mother still hawks


Socialite Omotara has sparked reactions after a video showed her mocking a child beggar who approached the vehicle she was driving.

The video was shared on social media shortly after she narrated how her mother who was abandoned by their father had to hawk, and still does, to care for them while growing up

Below is a video of her encounter with the beggar and also her post about her grass to grace stories.


Omotara wrote: “Usually I won’t do this, but probably my story will inspire you, then you’ll know that you’re not the only one that has lost a family or loved ones to death especially at times you needed them the most…

I was six years old when my dad abandoned us, my mum hawks at ogunpa Market to take care of I and my kid brother, she had no one, nobody!!

When I was 8 and my brother was 3, my mum took us to where my dad work at iwo road in Ibadan and he said that day, I’ll never forget he told my mum and I quote ” I left two kids with you and you’re ranting If they are now more than two nko? If you can’t take care

of them, go and throw them away now “.My Mum wept, not cry she was weeping till we got back to the one room we rented in olomi academy Ibadan.

She kept taking care of us, HAWKING o!! We had nothing but we were contented and I learnt a great deal from my mum cos she never stopped believing in God!! I have never seen that kind of faith before!!We were in POORverty not

poverty o POORverty. Yet we’d pray incessantly.

When I got admission to polytechnic Ibadan, saki campus right after my sec school, we couldnt raise 12k for acceptance fees, I remembered that day, my Mum and I held hands in tears and she said ” Wumi ma binu simi pe Mo Biyin saye fun iya je(Wumi I’m sorry for giving birth to You to suffer) And those words still break my heart anytime I remember em. Eventually my uncle ( dad’s brother)called my mum, said he’ll take care of my school that we should leave my dad with his irresponsibility.Loll went to saki with 6 skirts, 5 tops and 2 panties. But I never stopped praying or telling God to show me favour.I was suffering lol and damn I was hardworking!!! I worked at the sawmills, did ushering and serving at parties, so many jobs just to support myself cos I hate the fact that my mum hawks and I’ll still Collect money from her, so I told myself I’d rather work!!!!!

My final year in school, I was preparing for my project around may 2015, I had told my uncle and he promised to send money by ending. Lol. A week to the ending his wife died in a car accident, i was sad And as if that wasn’t enough, my uncle died around July too. I was depressed, like I wanted to run mad, I was angry at the world, at everything. I became suicidal, but my mum will call me every day and tell me to read psalms and tell God to show me favour!!And like that I graduated, served and I’m in a better place now, I’m not rich but I’m comfortable and can take care of my Mum even tho not to my satisfaction yet cos she still hawks..Now the point of my shalaye is did you noticed my prayer point??God please SHOW ME FAVOR!! Not why is this happening to me, not why did you kill my uncle, not why is my life so miserable, but show me favour and yes I prayed incessantly!!! My breakthrough was this year despite the fact that I’ve

been praying for years….Now imagine my mum!! She’s 56, imagine how Long she’s been praying? And God UG9 answered her through me..

Lade I understand life is hard and it can beat you black and blue,I have been there, I am still there, but let the fact that you’re alive and kicking inspire you to pray and work hard more!!!!!Don’t complain Change your sorrys to thank you!!!

Because it is impossible for God to lie and trust me God doesn’t do bad Nd will never use bad to test anyone…. I really hope Nd pray you’d be Inspired and believe that God showed me favour, he can and will do it for you too. I’m really sorry for whatever you’re going through and i pray you find rest and comfort.

Notice* English oo.”

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