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Social media bill: Fani-Kayode, Twitter users lambaste Lai Mohammed over denial


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Some Nigerians on social media have taken Minister of Information, Lai Mohammed, to the cleaners over his denial of the existence of the social media bill presently before the Senate.

The Bill for an Act to Make Provisions for the Protection from Internet Falsehood and Manipulation and for related matters 2019 which passed second reading at the Senate in November 2019.

Many social media users had claimed the bill, sponsored by Senator Musa Sani (APC-Niger east), would clampdown on freedom of speech and would wage war against critics of government.

While presenting the lead debate on the bill during plenary last November, Sani had said the bill was a 36-clause legislative proposal to provide for the prevention of broadcast of falsehood and manipulative contents using the internet and its intermediaries for transmission.

“It prescribes sanctions to offenders with a view to deterrence and the penalty for defaulters ranges from fine of up to N300, 000.”

Sani added that the bill also provided for the issuance of regulations dealing with the transmission of false statements of facts in Nigeria upon declaration.

Mohammed had defended the bill at different gatherings, giving reasons why it is needed, but in a recent interview with Tim Sebastian of German media outfit Deutsche Welle (DW), he denied the existence of the bill.

A snippet of the interview presently making the round on social media has sparked outrage as Nigerians lambaste him for “always lying”.

A former minister of Aviation, Femi Fani-Kayode wrote:

“Lai Mohammed is the biggest LIAR in the history of Nig. politics &he should have thought twice before attempting to go toe to toe with Tim Sebastien(of Hatdtalk fame) who,in my view,is the toughest,most incisive,most insightful and most brilliant interviewer of his generation

“Tim, as usual, had done his research very well and he took the Liar to the cleaners and had him stammering like a kindergarten student. Next time Lai will remain in his very low league and not attempt to cross swords on int. television with a well-informed and thoroughly professional journalist with over 40 experience, who knows his onions and who cannot be easily lied to or intimidated.”

William Ukpe wrote:

“The reason Lai Mohammed denied that bill.. Is because they know the Bill is a shameless bill made for shameless men whit fragile egos. They can threaten Nigerians with that bill. But abroad air beings clarity, so baba deny am

“The Nigerian elite are the most shameless in the world. A Chinese minister will admit such bill with his chest and ask. ” What will you do” Over here, they can’t even admit their stupidity with their chests.”

WuzupNigeria has also spotted a video of the Minister defending the bill and why it is the right thing to do:

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