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Snowstorm leaves drivers stranded in US for over 20 hours


Agency Report

The snow storm is over but the travel misery is not: drivers on a major highway outside Washington reported Tuesday they have been stuck in their cars in freezing weather for 20 hours or more.

As families try to return home from the long New year weekend, I-95 in Virginia remains dangerously icy, gas tanks are starting to run low and there is no help in sight, drivers said.

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Aerial footage showed seemingly endless lines of cars and trucks, bumper to bumper, that were stranded overnight — on a stretch of highway that is notorious for traffic jams even in good weather.

One of the frustrated travelers was a US senator from Virginia, Tim Kaine, who got marooned driving in his state back to Washington as Interstate 95 clogged with snow and spun-out cars, and eventually shut down because of Monday’s monster snowfall.

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“I started my normal 2 hour drive to DC at 1pm yesterday. 19 hours later, I’m still not near the Capitol,” Kaine tweeted Tuesday morning.