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Six Budget-Friendly Ways to Enjoy Detty December


Six Budget-Friendly Ways to Enjoy Detty December

Another ‘Detty December’ is here and as usual, it comes with a lot of spending demands but this year’s yuletide in Nigeria appears to be entangled with the economic ‘bala blu’ due to the naira devaluation, high cost of living, amongst others.  

Except you’re flying in from the United States or the United Kingdom which gives you the luxury of having foreign currencies to exchange for over N1000 per dollar and pound or earning over six figures monthly, you will have to cut your ‘spending’ according to your ‘naira’.

As you journey through the most festive month of the year which comes with Christmas, Boxing Day, and New Year holidays, the allure of extravagant celebrations may be tempting, but it’s possible to have a memorable and enjoyable December without breaking the bank. 

In this article, we’ll explore budget-friendly ways to make the most of the holiday season, and help you cut extravagant spending while you enjoy the yuletide to the fullest and at the same time, prepare for January 2024.

Six Budget-Friendly Ways to Enjoy 'Detty December'

Follow the following tips to have a fun-filled Christmas, and New Year holiday: 

1. Street Carnivals

One of the hallmark features of ‘Detty December’ is parties and lively night outings which are not cheap. 

However, during this period several lively and vibrant street carnivals take place. 

Many of these events are free and open to all. Instead of opting for high-cost clubs and private parties consider attending local street carnivals in your community. 

These events often showcase cultural performances, music, and a variety of street food, providing a festive atmosphere without draining your wallet.

2. Pool Money with Friends

The saying, “the more, the merrier” holds true when it comes to budget-friendly celebrations. 

Consider pooling money with friends to go for joint activities or events. 

This collaborative effort will not only stretch your budget but also allow you to create shared memories. 

Whether it’s organizing a themed game night or prowling the town, collective contributions can turn small budgets into grand celebrations.

3. Have a Spending Budget

Setting a spending budget is crucial for enjoying ‘Detty December’ without financial stress. 

Determine how much you can comfortably allocate for holiday activities, gifts, and outings. 

Stick to your budget to ensure you have a festive season filled with joy and laughter without worrying about overspending.

4. Tag Along

Extroverted friends often have a knack for finding exciting and budget-friendly activities. 

Joining them for events or outings can introduce you to new and affordable experiences.

They can also be willing to pay your expenses. However, take caution and don’t order expensive things you can never afford. 

Whether it’s exploring local markets, attending high-class events, or enjoying outdoor activities, tagging along with your extroverted friends can add a dose of excitement to your ‘Detty December’ plans.

5. Create Your Party 

If you can’t afford to go to the party, make the party come to you. You don’t need money to plan a successful Christmas party. 

The first step to a successful budget-friendly Detty December Christmas party is to have lots of friends. Or, just one friend who knows people. 

Allocate concessions to each of your closest friends; someone for drinks, music, snacks, games, etc. 

You can also cash out by turning it into a major party and charge ‘entrance fees’. 

Ensure you have good music flowing in a clear space and enough buzz to draw crowds. 

6. Avoid Peer Pressure

Amidst the holiday hustle and bustle, it’s important to remember that the season is about joy, not financial strain. 

Avoid falling into the trap of peer pressure to overspend on extravagant gifts or activities. 

Focus on creating meaningful and authentic experiences that align with your budget and values.

Bottom Line 

‘Detty December’ is a time for celebration, laughter, and creating lasting memories. 

By embracing budget-friendly ways to enjoy the festivities, you can ensure that the joy of the season extends well into the new year.

Attend street carnivals, pool money with friends, set a spending budget, tag along with your extroverted friends, and resist peer pressure to overspend. 

With these strategies, you can savor the holiday season without sacrificing your financial well-being. 

Remember, January has ’90 days’ not 31!