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There is also the story of Saviour as well as three siblings – Grace, Victoria and William – who were locked in a room and forced to eat their own vomit by their uncle, who allegedly killed their father. They were said to have witnessed their dad and were traumatized when David and Anja came to rescue them.

Saviour before and after

How can we forget the story of Hope whose pitiable state broke the internet in 2016 after his photo with Danish caregiver Anja Ringgren Lovén emerged on the internet?

Hope was left for certain death when Anja who operates a Danish NGO DINNødhjælp encountered him. Four years after, he is living healthily. Many do not know there is a hand behind the scene giving huge support to the charity works of Anja and the transformation of the kids, thereby giving them a fillip to live again.

The curator of the ‘World’s Most Exclusive Dinner’, Karan Tilani spoke with WuzupNigeria on his plans for Nigerian kids and why he took a special interest in them despite the many negative reports he has heard about the country.

Tilani is building a 40-bed hospital in Akwa-Ibom and in partnership with DINNødhjælp and the state government. He plans to supply 20,000 vaccines of Prevnar 13 pneumonia vaccines, which he said costs between N30,000 and N35,000, that will be administered to 20,000 children.

The Karan Tilani Hospital located within the premises of the Land of Hope run by DINNødhjælp is expected to save 500 children every month and over 6,000 children annually.

The NGO signed an MoU with the Akwa Ibom state government for the supply of the vaccines which will also be funded with proceeds from the ‘World’s Most Exclusive Dinner’ recently paid for by a Singaporean couple, Vincent and Jane Hee.

According to information on children philanthropy website, Karan is a director in his family business, World of Diamonds Group, which is almost fully integrated in diamond mining, polishing and distribution. He oversees partnerships and marketing for the Group and always looks to benefit social causes with ultra-luxury projects. Having worked with prominent personalities for non-profit missions, he believes that there should be greater equality in the world.