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Shock as family wakes up to find their house gate missing


An awkward situation has left many social media users in shock as a user of the micro-blogging platform revealed that his house gate, not a car, gadget, or generator, got stolen.

Awkward right? Imagine the shock on the face of the family after waking to up to find their gate missing.

There are many cases of people waking up to find their car, generator, parts of their car, and other electronics or gadgets being stolen but one case which shocked a family in South Africa involves their house gate.

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Nothing could have prepared the family for the rude shock that awaited them in the morning as they woke up to discover their house gate had been stolen.

Kamo Marven, a lady and member of the said family shared the story on social media and revealed they woke o see their gate gone.

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Sharing a photo as seen above, of the entrance to their home without the gate, Marven cried out and called for their gate to be returned.

She wrote;

“Mara guys, we woke up today at home and the gate was gone. They stole our gate?? Bring back our gate.”

See his original post below: