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Robots to take over dangerous jobs in China’s coal hub


Local authorities on Tuesday said China’s coal-rich Shanxi Province had encouraged its mining companies to use robots as a replacement for human workers in dangerous jobs.

The major coal-producing province has seen the depth of its coal mines increase with more complex mining conditions, raising the urgency to use more intelligent equipment to reduce safety risks and improve efficiency.

Shanxi had issued a guideline on modernising its coal mining sector and piloted the use of robots and automated equipment in some coal mines.

According to data from the Department of Industry and Information Technology of Shanxi Province, in some of the pilot projects, robots have helped slash the production-related accident rate by 10 per cent.

The data said robots had also helped in downsising the staff engaged in dangerous tasks by 60 per cent.

Zhang Xiaolei with the department said Shanxi would continue to promote the research, development and application of robots in mining, transportation, safety control and rescue in coal mines.