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Revealed: The real cause of Queen’s College parent-security guard brawl


Queen’s College eyelashes

A source privy to the incident that led to a brawl between a parent of a Queen’s College pupil and a security guard who denied the girl entry into the school for fixing artificial eyelashes and painting her nails, has revealed what led to the faceoff.

The mother of the pupil was seen in a viral video holding the shirt of one of the school’s security guards over claims that she was harassed by the man.

One of the teachers at the scene who tried to placate the pupil’s mother told The Nation that the incident happened on Monday.

It was gathered that the girl had resumed two weeks late after the midterm break on Monday and was being punished for fixing artificial eyelashes and painted nails.

However, unknown to her teachers, her mother was watching but did not identify herself.

Trouble started when the mother attempted to drag the girl out of the school and the security man (not knowing she was the mother) challenged her. The mother reacted by attacking the security guard.

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The source said:

“The girl was returning to school two weeks after the mid-term had ended. When the teachers saw her with eyelashes and painted nails, they asked her to kneel down. Her mother came in with her, sat down and listened but did not say anything. Someone heard her telling her daughter in Igbo that she should run away. But the girl refused. After the third time, the mother grabbed the girl’s bag and made to leave. The girl then called out, ‘Mummy where are you going?’

“When people realised that she was the girl’s mother, she quickly dragged the girl out. The security man did not did not know it was the girl’s mother dragging her out. In an attempt to ask why she was taking one of our students out, that was when she attacked the security man.

“The girl was even remorseful. She was asking the mother why she was disgracing her.”

The source said the girl was returned to school by her mother on Tuesday and would face disciplinary measures.

“The woman came to drop the girl around 5am in the morning urging her to sneak into her class. But the girl did not sneak. She stood by the security gate till morning and presented herself to the school management. A man who claimed to be her father came to the school to apologise on her behalf but we found out that he is not her father.

“She will face the disciplinary committee. Many people – including the state, are now interested in the case. So we are investigating,” he said.

In a statement, the Caretaker Committee of the College’s PTA noted that the association was in support of the school management’s position on discipline.

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The statement reads:

“We condemn in totality the action of the parent. We stand by the management in enforcing discipline in the school.

“However, the Committee will invite both the parent and the student with a view to ameliorating the situation and preventing a repeat of similar occurrence. The lesson we need to take home on this is simply that Queen’s College will not tolerate violation of its well settled rules and regulations.”


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