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Residents parade politicians through town in women’s clothes for failing to keep campaign promises [Video]


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For failing to keep a campaign promise, residents of a municipality in southern Mexico have publicly embarrassed their Mayor and another public official by making them wear skirts as they paraded them around town for days.

One of the key complaints, local news outlets say, is that Jimenez has not come through on his campaign promise to allocate 3 million pesos (equivalent to about $158,000) for improvements to the town’s water system, among other things, reported the newspaper El Diario de Mexico.

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While the officials walked in women’s garb, residents held hand-scrawled posters describing what they saw as the politicians’ failings.

In an interview with a reporter captured on video, the mayor, appearing uncomfortable, said he’s been trying to fulfill his promises. He said there is no more money in the fund because it has been given to various municipalities.

As he spoke, some residents held posters denouncing government failures, and others could be heard yelling at him not to continue telling lies.

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Jimenez and Ton also were forced to solicit funds from passing motorists – many of whom seemed to have smirks on their faces—in order to raise money for improving the water system. The two politicians had been “detained” by the residents for at least four days, according to Cultura Colectiva.

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Residents are demanding an investigation into whether Jimenez stole the 3 million pesos he says has gone to various communities. In the interview with the local reporter, Jimenez said he is innocent, but that he would not resist an investigation.

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Dressing up politicians who disappoint is a traditional – and cathartic — way in several towns in the state of Chiapas of dressing them down. Often, politicians are taken by force and dressed up.


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