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REMARKABLE TRANSFORMATION! Sisters with permanent ‘windswept’ legs travel 100 miles for surgery on horseback [Photos]


Sisters with Windswipped legs

Two Cameroonian sisters, Salamatou and Mariama, got a life-changing transformation after travelling 100 miles on horseback for a successful surgery that corrected their inability to walk or live fulfilled lives.

The girl’s age eight and six had been robbed of going to school because they were born with the rare condition that caused their legs to become severely twisted.

Salamatou and Mariama, from Mount Manengouba, Cameroon, developed ‘windswept’ limbs due to a condition known as valgus, also known as knock knees, which can occur as a result of malnutrition.

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Windswept, AKA One Valgus Knee, and One Varus Knee is a condition were one knee is moving toward the body and the other is moving out. This is a result of one knee having significant bowleg (varus deformity) and the other having significant knock-knee (valgus deformity).

After hearing about a hospital ship, run by a charity, the girls and their parents made the gruelling journey from their village to the harbour.

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The sisters who walked just one day after their surgeries got excited by the results. They did not believe that their legs were back to normal, DailyMail reports.

The excited parents, Debo and Mymoona, were filled with joy that the girls now have the opportunity to commit to a school.

While on board, the girls’ parents learned about the importance of nutrition from the ship’s dietitian, who gave them vitamins to aid the girls’ recovery.

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They were excited to say that their new knowledge would be passed to other families in the village.

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