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Reactions as Nollywood star Moyo Lawal’s nude leaks 


Reactions as Nollywood star Moyo Lawal's nude leaks 

Renowned Nollywood actress, Moyo Lawal, has found herself in the middle of a scandal as her private tape has been leaked on the internet. 

The video, which shows Lawal and her lover in an intimate moment, has been widely circulated on social media platforms, particularly on X (Twitter).

The actress, known for her roles in popular Nollywood films, is seen in the video in her ‘birthday suit’, seemingly enjoying a private moment with her lover. 

The man in the video appears to be recording their intimate encounter, with Lawal seemingly aware and encouraging him to focus on the recording.

The leaked tape has caused a significant stir online, with many criticizing Lawal for allowing such a recording to be made, especially considering the recent spate of leaked tapes involving celebrities.

Her seemingly nonchalant attitude during the recording has further incensed her fans, who are disappointed that she consented to such an act.

The incident has left Lawal’s supporters divided, with many concerned about the potential damage to her reputation and the negative influence it could have on aspiring actors looking up to her.

Twitter user @ProGhost_ questioned the intention behind the release of the tape, tweeting, “This sex tape release you sure say e no Dey intentional? Cuz Sex tape everywhere.”

@ToonzPhil criticized the act of recording intimate moments, tweeting, “Normally, why on earth you gonna record yourself during copulation…. Is that not ment???” Meanwhile, @baridoosia_ claimed that Lawal herself posted the video, tweeting, “na she post am.”

The incident has left Lawal’s supporters divided, with many expressing concern about the potential damage to her reputation. @IamBlaccode expressed concern for Lawal’s father, tweeting, “Her Daddy will be holding his head now 🙄.”

@ekitifather_ expressed sadness on behalf of Lawal, tweeting, “I’m sad on her behalf. She’s one of my favorite actress. She should stay strong💪.”

However, some users suggested that the leak might have been a publicity stunt. @natty_crownkinq criticized celebrities who leak their own intimate tapes for attention, tweeting, “most of this celebrities Leak their s3x tape for clout, it’s a very shameful act because they don’t think of how their kids will feel growing up to see these videos online.

Big Shame!” @Research_Wrld suggested that Lawal posted the video herself to gain attention and recognition, tweeting, “Cap 🧢 she’s not sad, trust me she wanna trend na she post am all this celebrity know what they are doing less than 5% are actually on sad or fall victim while rest 95% post this shit to trend get the engagement and more recognition they seek for.”

Despite the controversy, Lawal appears to be unfazed by the incident. Shortly after the video clips were released, she  tweeted “Your dragging won’t stop me from shining, like it doesn’t count 👌🥰” 

This led to further speculation from users like @UnscriptedIdara, who suggested that Lawal might be using the incident as a new trend to stay famous, tweeting, “Or she’s celebrating? Maybe this is a new trend to stay famous bcoz I don’t understand what’s all this with sex tape, leaked video & the rest.”