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Reactions as actress Motilola drags Kunle Afod over alleged career sabotage


Nollywood actress Motilola Akinlami has called out colleague Kunle Afod on the latter’s actions of sabotaging her in the industry.

The actress took to her Instagram page to express her frustrations in two separate videos.

Motilola appealed to Nigerians to help her beg Kunle Afod to leave her alone stating that she was not interested in having a relationship and communicating with him.

In one of the video, the actress said, ““I had to calm down to do this video because I am boiling. I’ve kept this thing for over five years, this is the fifth year running. Please for God’s sake everyone, all the powers that be in this industry already know about this matter. Mr Kunle Afod, please leave me alone.

“Why don’t you just leave me and my career alone? They will call me for jobs and you will say they should remove me if they want to use you. Somebody just called me for a job, in fact Yomi Olorunlaye called me for a job this evening and they said Afod would be the director and I said okay only for him to send me a message that Afod said he won’t work with me.

“Afod what is it? I said I don’t want to have anything with you again and since all these years you kept insisting that nobody must call me for jobs. Is it by force that I have something with you? I said I am not doing again. When I was with you, I knew how your wife was running from pillar to post.”

“Desola warn your husband, hold your husband please. I knew how your wife was running from pillar to post and spoiling my name around the streets of Instagram and I said I no longer want to have anything with you again but you insisted that people should not call me for jobs. Why don’t you go and hold on to your wife and leave me alone? Afod leave me alone to do my job! What is it?

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“First you said Femi Adebayo should not come to my set and he didn’t come, anybody that works with me you stop relating with them.

“Secondly you went ahead to tell the PM of Joke Ajadi’s job that if they call me, they should make sure you are not on the same set, I had to return the money for that set, this is like the 10th time this will be happening. Afod leave me alone! I stopped talking to you four years ago and everybody has begged you! Is it by force?

“Leave me alone Kunle Afod, I said I am not doing again. Desola hold your husband very well! What is it? Desola I know how you spoiled my name on Instagram making some people not to be friends with me till today. Hold your husband and tell him to let me do my job!”

In the second video, the actress warned that the Nollywood industry should not allow what happened to Junior Pope happen to her as the actor was reportedly blacklisted.

She said, “I’m sorry, it sounded like I was ranting earlier but it’s the truth. So many people are in my DM asking me ‘Moti why have I not been seeing you in movies?’ It’s Afod o! If they call me, he would say they should not call me! What is the reason? Because I no longer want to work with him, I no longer want to be friends with him, I no longer want to roll with him and it is not by force.

“I am sure that a lot of you have read things on blogs. Any of the powers that be in this industry that is saying that they don’t know about this matter and are just calling now means that they are being hypocritical because I personally called all our bosses including male and female none of them have been able to find solutions to this matter. This is the same thing they did to Junior Pope.

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“They will first start by blacklisting you, he has been waiting now for the past five years to see ‘RIP’ messages about me but God didn’t do it for him. I’m not going to die Afod, I’m not going to leave this industry for you. Afod leave me alone, I have left you alone. Anywhere they mention my name, let me work.”

Reactions from Nigerians have trailed the revelation from the actress.

Sharing his thoughts on the matter, an X user, Ola tweeting at Olawaleonline said,” You are beefing with a top dog in the game, you said you don’t wanna work with him and he returned the favour, what do you think is gonna happen?
Of course na you body go tell na, you are the small fry here. You are only playing victim card here.”

Also, Falaq Amin tweeting as falaqamin wrote, “If someone has that level of power why don’t they just keep using it for something good. To uplift others. Some things I can never understand.”

Another X user, Adewale Damilare stated, “@kunleafod please let her be o. The sky is enough for birds to fly. But we are still expecting a response from you though.”

Still reacting, horla tweeting at Adesanyajnr wrote, “ People will not talk now until something bad happen. This industry self ehn, nawa oooo.”

Likewise, Mr Anu wrote his thoughts, “The entertainment industry is another place where bullying strives.You can lose deals and jobs just by falling out with a top gun in the industry.”

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Adah Gold sharing his own opinion said “One of my favorite actresses and she is so quiet too for a quiet person to come out and talk like this, the person cup don full. Ladies in the industry will not speak out now. I can wait to watch your movies joor he is not God.”

Intrepid RN also wrote, “You don’t want to work with him. He said wherever he’s working, he doesn’t want to work with you. I think that’s individual preference. Call him out for any hostility. But on this ground, I don’t see any issues.If you are the director, will you work with him? NO. So 🙅‍♂️.”

Likewise BOD stated, “I know this lady very well in Yoruba Nollywood. She’s a great actress.”

Pastor Keu wrote, “I will not say anything until I hear Kunle Afod side of the story.”

Voicing his opinion, Paul Igwesi said, “Just look at someone is out again voicing out her worries and problems , begging not to be stifled and be allowed to live her life and as usual Nigerians are busy picking on her with useless words , meaning comments . Until this one dies prematurely now, RIP will full everywhere and those that will start writing her biography will pick pen. In this life, just do whatever it takes to not allow your fellow human being to kill you or cover your shinning. Kill them first before they will have that chance to kill you and later repent which by then you will be gone forever.”

Kunle Afod’s wife, Bisola Afod has however shared a video of herself listening to a Fuji song that people consider a diss track for Motilola.

Recall that in October 2022, Bisola hinted on social media that herself and Kunle Afod had parted ways.