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How single women can stop inappropriate touches from men – Rapper Vector


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Nigerian rapper, Olanrewaju Ogunmefun, popularly called Vector Tha Viper,  has revealed how single women can stop inappropriate touches from men.

The King Kong rapper disclosed the secret via a series of tweets to his 392k followers on his verified Twitter handle on Wednesday.

The rapper had recently expressed disgust with the way men inappropriately touch women after seeing a video and vowed to address the issue.

Days after posing the tweet above, Vector finally addressed the issue by tweeting: “Dear single woman, if men won’t stop touching you, get a taser. Make sure it’s one of those that doubles as another thing (like keyholder). The results will be shocking henceforth.

“If he say na mistake, you self go say you no know when e shock am.”

“This lesson is something men was forced to understand about life. If no one will help you, help yourself. If it’s okay for you to shocked by their act, it’s okay for them to be shocked by yours too.”

A follower, @IamFlexxy suggested pepper spray as an alternative to taser, “Tabi ki won pepper spray aiye won. Ata rodo!!!!” she said but the rapper insisted that a taser will send home the intended message better.

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“No! Taser! Him we’d feel am make body tell am. Since na the body no dey stay one place,” Vector replied.

The rapper recently dropped a track Early momo ft @iamGoodGirlLA and it’s getting the buzz on radio and amongst fans with ladies already jumping on the #earlymomochallenge via #TikTok.

Speaking on his forthcoming albumT.E.S.L.I.M, the rapper revealed that the album title was birthed at the funeral of his late dad.

we were gearing up to make the album, my dad died. That energy just sunk the idea. We were at the funeral home when a friend of mine whispered to another friend that he should observe my looks as I was in deep thoughts. I was staring at my dad’s casket when it dawned on me, TESLIM, you are gone but your energy still remains. I took the letters to his name and it made the acronym; T.E.S.L.I.M, which stands for The Energy Still Lives In M, he said.

Vector said that the album would serve as an inspiration and a positive force for today’s youth. 

“Finding out that Teslim means peacemaker and looking at our society today, there seems to be so much negativity flying around. For example among the youths, I see a bright future but there is so much argument. On social media, there is a lot of competition. People are so keen to pull each other down because of ranks and that should not be. Competition is healthy but beyond that, there is a lot of negativity in our society with the younger generation. I felt it will be nice to have an album that will inspire us. It would be nice for us to think forward, be happy. It will be nice for music to be beyond making money but we should preach messages that will inspire hope and togetherness,” the rapper said. 


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