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Provide details of inherited liabilities, Obi tells Tinubu


Labour Party presidential candidate Peter Obi has challenged Tinubu to provide details of the alleged liabilities In response to the president’s  assertion that his administration inherited a “bankrupt nation” from former President Muhammadu Buhari.

Obi, in a statement issued on Thursday, questioned the lack of transparency in Tinubu’s claims, emphasising that responsible governance demands accountability and openness. 

He urged the current administration to disclose the exact nature of the inherited deficits, allowing the public to grasp the country’s financial situation fully.

I just read yesterday a widely publicized story from the present APC-led Federal Government saying that they inherited a bankrupt nation from their predecessor APC administration. However, the report failed to disclose what they inherited, which had qualified us for bankruptcy status.

“One major characteristic of responsible governance is transparency and strict accountability.

“This demands that the government disclose exactly the degree of deficit they inherited. What is inherited should be disclosed to let the public know where we are and where we are headed”, the statement read.

Obi drew parallels with the APC’s similar claim of inheriting a troubled economy in 2015, lamenting that despite such claims, the previous administration failed to improve upon the existing situation, leaving Nigeria with a significantly heavier debt burden. 

He underscored the need for measurable and verifiable steps to address the country’s challenges, rather than mere excuses and blame-shifting.


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