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Portable: Queen Dami came to me for husband – Lege Miami


Portable Queen Dami came to me for husband - Lege Miami

Yoruba actor and producer Adams Kehinde popularly called Lege Miami is causing quite a stir on social media after his recent interview with Nedu Wazobia, where he shed light on Queen Dami’s romantic journey and her newfound relationship with Portable.

In the candid interview, Lege Miami disclosed that Queen Dami initially approached him seeking assistance in finding a suitable husband. 

He took it upon himself to play matchmaker but encountered a challenge when the potential partner’s demanding work schedule did not align with her preferences.

He stated “Queen Dami came to me that I should look for a husband. I tried my best to look for a husband for her, I gave her a guy and she say she no fit cope with that guy, sey that guy too dey work. Till now I still dey help her dey watch, I still dey help am look for husband…”

What caught the attention of many during the interview was Lege Miami’s revelation that he had recently heard rumors about Queen Dami dating Portable, popular Nigerian singer. 

When he confronted Queen Dami about these rumors, she remained tight-lipped. However, Portable himself later confirmed their relationship in a separate interview.

In response to the situation, Lege Miami offered some advice to Queen Dami, saying, “If she is comfortable with Portable, she should pursue a relationship with him.”

Portable, on the other hand, did not take Lege Miami’s comments lightly. 

In a fiery reaction, he expressed his intention to expose the actor stating “Lege ALAKADA wey dey beg queen say make she credit aza. I don post una chat go see where you dey beg woman money online set Awon online BEGGER.” He also accused him of trying to disgrace Queen Dami.

Queen Dami, who was wife of  the late Alaafin of Oyo, Lamidi Adeyemi III, has been no stranger to controversy. 

Queen Dami, a 26-year-old mother of one, previously made headlines when she left the Alaafin’s palace in November 2020, only to return and publicly apologize nearly a year later. 

After her husband’s passing, she adhered to tradition by giving herself one year before making herself available to prospective suitors.

Following her husband’s death, she embarked on a quest to find love and has seemingly found it in the arms of Portable, the self-acclaimed “street king.”

Their romantic journey began in June when Portable and Queen Dami sparked dating rumors by exchanging affectionate words and endearing nicknames on social media, referring to each other as “king” and “queen.”

During an interview on the Honest Bunch Podcast hosted by Nedu WazobiaFM, Portable addressed his relationship with Queen Dami. He explained that the passing of the monarch had prompted him to pursue a relationship with her, emphasizing that he is not in the habit of pursuing married women.

Interestingly, Portable recently got married to Actress Akinyanju Omobolarinde who has not made any comments on her husband public affair.