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Police nab three with human parts in Oyo


The Oyo State Police Command has apprehended three individuals in connection with the killing of an unidentified man.

These suspects were arrested for being in possession of the deceased’s head and other body parts in Ibadan, the state capital, on Thursday.

According to Daily Post, the detainees are Taofeeq Kabelohun and Rahmon Muibi, also known as Alubarika. The third individual’s name remained undisclosed at the time of this report.

It was indicated that the trio conspired to murder the man, whom they had invited to accompany them to a location in the Moniya area of Akinyele Local Government Area.

The suspects came under police scrutiny when blood was discovered oozing from the trunk of their car, leading to their apprehension.

Unnamed sources within the community disclosed that Kabelohun held the position of Deputy Imam at the Orisun Awotan Central Mosque in Awotan, Ido Local Government Area, Ibadan, until his arrest.

Another source within the community revealed that Kabelohun and Muibi had been arrested on more than one occasion for similar offenses in Peace Estate and Adaba community along the Apete-Akufo road.

“These people had been arrested more than twice on this same issue, and they are living in our midst, one at Peace Estate and the other at Adaba,” stated one source.

A different source within the community stated that the duo was caught while attempting to remove body parts from a grave in Ibadan.

“The two have been caught while trying to remove dead body from a grave in Ibadan,” explained another source.

One source disclosed that the victim they killed originated from Sango Otta in Ogun State.

Meanwhile, following the murder case, the Orisun Awotan Central Mosque has relieved Kabelohun of his position as the Mufasir of the mosque.

A source within the mosque confirmed this development on Sunday. The mosque’s communique revealed that Mallam Abdulhakeem Abdulrasheed has been designated as the new Mufasir of the mosque.

The communique read, “Taofik Kabelohun should be removed as the Mufasir of Orisun Awotan Central Mosque. Henceforth, he is no longer a mosque member.

“This is due to his gross misconduct and the recent alleged murder case he is involved in”

The three suspects are currently in the custody of the State Criminal Investigation Department in Iyaganku, Ibadan.