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Police accuse Kogi SDP candidate of undermining security


The Kogi State Police Command has launched an investigation into the killing of a supporter of the All Progressives Congress in Kotonkarfe, Kogi Local Government Area, on Saturday.

This incident has occurred against a backdrop of rising political tensions in the state, with accusations leveled against the governorship candidate of the Social Democratic Party, Muritala Yakubu.

In a press statement released by the Police Public Relations Officer in Kogi State, SP William Ovye Aya, on behalf of the Commissioner of Police, the police acknowledged receiving a report of violent clashes resulting in fatalities and injuries during political activities.

CP Bethrand C. Onuoha, Commissioner of Police in Kogi State, expressed sympathy for all victims of political violence while strongly condemning the actions of politicians who engage in violence.

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He singled out Muritala Yakubu, the SDP candidate, for conduct that, according to the police, undermines security efforts in the state.

“His riding rough-shod and engaging in political brinkmanship and brigandage is an ill-wind that blows no one any good,” said Police Public Relations Officer SP Aya.

The CP also highlighted Yakubu’s consistent refusal to cooperate with the police, stating, “While other parties have been carrying the Police along in their activities, the SDP Candidate has consistently and vehemently refused to honor any of Police invitations for investigation.”

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The police have directed the Deputy Commissioner of Police, Criminal Investigation Department, to initiate a comprehensive investigation into all cases of political violence and accusations involving all political parties and actors. The aim is to hold wrongdoers accountable.

CP Onuoha emphasized the importance of political actors collaborating with the police to ensure security and peaceful campaigns, as stipulated in the Electoral Act.

He noted that Yakubu’s refusal to engage with the police has impeded efforts to regulate political activities and has contributed to the recent incidents of political violence in the state.

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The Commissioner of Police called on all political parties and their supporters to maintain peaceful conduct and refrain from actions that could disrupt the peace and unity of Kogi State.

The police remain committed to maintaining law and order in the state and will take decisive action against those who refuse to cooperate.

“To this end, the CP therefore, for the last time, warns would-be trouble-makers to have a change of heart and desist from acts of intolerance as the Police are ever determined to deal decisively with anyone who will not give peace a chance in the State,” CP Onuoha sternly warned.