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Plane crash in Brazil leaves 14 dead


Plane crash in Brazil leaves 14 dead

In a devastating incident in Brazil’s northern Amazonas state, a small jet crashed, claiming the lives of 14 individuals.

The crash, attributed to heavy rainfall and poor visibility, occurred as the aircraft attempted to land in the tourist town of Barcelos.

According to Amazonas state security secretary Vinicius Almeida, the pilot faced challenging conditions with heavy rain and low visibility.

In a tragic turn of events, the plane appeared to initiate a landing halfway down the runway, ultimately running out of the landing strip and crashing into dense vegetation.

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Governor Wilson Lima of Amazonas state expressed his profound condolences, saying, “I deeply regret the death of the 12 passengers and two crew members who were victims of the plane crash in Barcelos on Saturday.”

“Our teams have been working from the outset to provide the necessary support. My sympathy and prayers go out to their families and friends.”

All the victims were Brazilian tourists, as confirmed by Lima in an interview with O Globo newspaper.

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The region had been experiencing heavy rainfall, making it highly likely that the accident resulted from an error in the landing route.

Manaus Aerotaxi, the airline operating the flight, issued a statement acknowledging the accident and noted that they are conducting an investigation. However, they provided no further details regarding the incident.

The Brazilian Air Force also stepped in to investigate the crash of the small aircraft, identified as an Embraer Bandeirante with the registration PT-SOG.

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Barcelos, located along the Rio Negro, an Amazon tributary, is renowned for its proximity to national parks and protected areas. It is currently in the peak fishing season, attracting enthusiasts eager to catch tropical river species.

Amazonas, characterized by dense rainforests, is a popular adventure travel destination, welcoming hundreds of thousands of visitors each year, according to Amazonastur, the state tourism company.