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Philippine landslide death toll rises to 37 


The aftermath of a devastating landslide in the southern Philippines has left about 37 dead, according to statements made by an official on Sunday. 

According to Reuters, rescue efforts persist despite diminishing hopes of finding additional survivors as rescue workers tirelessly sift through the debris.

The landslide, which occurred on Tuesday night near a gold mine in Maco town within the province of Davao de Oro, resulted in the burial of homes and vehicles en route to the site operated by Apex Mining.

Edward Macapili, a provincial official of Davao de Oro, provided the latest update, confirming the death toll following the discovery of two additional bodies on Sunday. 

However, the count of missing individuals was revised down to 63 from the initial figure of 77, with 32 individuals reported injured. Authorities have not specified the reason for the adjustment.

Macapili revealed that despite the involvement of over 300 personnel in the rescue operation, progress has been impeded by heavy rainfall, dense mud, and the looming threat of further landslides. Despite the challenging conditions, rescue efforts resumed on Sunday morning.

While acknowledging the slim chances of finding survivors, Macapili emphasized the ongoing commitment of the rescue team to exhaust all possibilities. 

“The rescue team is doing its best, even if it’s very difficult,” Macapili said by phone.

He described the situation as extremely challenging but affirmed the team’s unwavering dedication to the mission.

The province of Davao de Oro has been grappling with incessant torrential rains in recent weeks, leading to widespread flooding and landslides throughout the region.


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