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Oyo cleric advocates Arabic studies inclusion in school curriculum


A director and senior teacher at the Ali Institute for Quran Memorisation in Ibadan, Oyo State, Ali Abdulssalam, has advocated for the inclusion of Quran and Arabic Studies in the primary and secondary school curriculum. 

He emphasized that introducing these subjects at an early age would instill Islamic teachings in children, fostering their development into responsible citizens.

Speaking during the 4th Haflah Graduation Ceremony, where students completed the memorization of the Quran, Abdulssalam urged the government to recognize and support Quran and Islamic Studies. 

He highlighted the positive impact of Islam on societal uprightness, asserting that the teaching of Islamic values plays a crucial role in reducing crime among youths.

Abdulssalam also underscored the importance of job creation for graduates of Arabic and Quran schools, emphasizing that employing more God-conscious youths would contribute to reducing criminality in society.

He stated, “Muslims are the liberators of the world,” pointing out the fundamental responsibility bestowed upon them by Allah to promote virtue and discourage vice. 

 “We take this opportunity to also reiterate the need for government to create jobs for graduates of Arabic and Quran schools in the country. This will also sanitise the society, as more God-conscious youths will get employed, which will reduce criminality in the society.

 “Muslims are the liberators of the world. Allah has given us fundamental responsibility of commanding virtues and forbidding vices. We took it upon ourselves to teach Muslim youths memorisation of Quran, Islamic morals, values and etiquette.

“Memorisation of Quran will never limit the progress of a child, but will rather improve it because it has become glaring that giving children only Western education without sound Quran knowledge and its practice is like a beautiful vehicle with faulty engine.

 “This is our 7th years of existence, as more than 2,000 students have so far attended our institute since inception for either part time, full time or short or long term programme. More than 200 students have graduated as memorisers of the Quran, out of which 114 of them are graduating today,” he said.


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