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One killed, two injured in Kenya hyena attack


A marauding pack of hyenas has left one man dead and two others injured in a harrowing incident near the Multimedia University of Kenya, on the outskirts of Nairobi. 

The attack occurred close to Nairobi National Park, known for its diverse carnivorous wildlife, including hyenas, lions, and cheetahs.

The Kenya Wildlife Service reported the grim discovery of partial human remains at the scene, confirming the tragic death of Anthony Pasha, who was reportedly collecting firewood when the hyenas struck. 

Kaaji Lesian, Pasha’s cousin, recounted the horrifying ordeal, stating, “The hyena came, it attacked him, chased him from the forest.”

Among the injured is 21-year-old engineering student Kevin Mwendwa, who suffered the loss of a thumb during the assault. 

In response to the incident, authorities euthanized one of the hyenas involved, with its carcass undergoing examination to ascertain the presence of diseases like rabies, which can amplify aggressiveness in infected animals.

The alarming rise in hyena attacks has prompted the Kenya Wildlife Service to issue comprehensive guidelines on confronting such encounters. “If faced with a hyena, do not move away until it does, and continue facing its direction. Be loud, look aggressive, and appear frightening to deter the hyena,” the KWS advises.

This tragic event has reignited concerns about wildlife safety, particularly among students residing near wildlife reserves. Ochieng Kefah, a concerned student, expressed, “The university is not safe because we are near the national park. The government should, maybe, put some restrictions on the movement of the animals.”


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