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Man leaves Nigerian lady stranded after she refused him intercourse on first date



A Nigerian lady got a life-changing experience after she denied a man she met on Twitter sexual intercourse on their first date.

The lady, who uses the moniker @orla_mide on the platform, had gone on the date without cash, expecting her new man to pay her fare back home from their meeting point at Ikeja, the Lagos State capital.

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However, matters took another turn after the man demanded sex and she refused.

She stated that the guy refused to give her transport fare because she refused to sleep with him.

She wrote, “I went to visit this guy on Twitter, I went to his house. He wanted to touch me. I didn’t let him. Na leg I use trek from Ikeja to mile 12 dat day.

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It is not everything you guys will come here and comment lies… this happened to me last week. I trekked. I am not visiting any guy on this app again.”