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Nigeria unconcerned about bloodshed in society, Lagos bishop laments


The lead bishop of the Worldwide Anglican Church in Nigeria, Bishop Seun Adeoye, has emphasized the urgent need for sanctification in Nigeria amidst the continuous bloodshed in the country.

Speaking during the conclusion of a four-day 2024 Passover celebration at Rehoboth Arena, Okinni, Osun State, Bishop Adeoye urged President Bola Tinubu to convene Christian leaders to declare a day or week of atonement. This, he believes, would facilitate cleansing, healing, and prosperity for Nigeria.

Expressing deep concern over the rampant killings perpetrated by various criminal groups including bandits, terrorists, and kidnappers, Bishop Adeoye stressed the alarming normalcy with which such atrocities are treated in society.


He said, “Thousands of innocent citizens have been killed by bandits, terrorists, separatists, kidnappers, ritualists, mobs, and other armed gangs and unfortunately, we all looked away unconcerned as if such dastardly acts are normal in our society.”

“We may not know it but I can say that the uncountable blood of innocent souls shed in Nigeria is daily crying for revenge. They are asking for blood. But glory be to God that there is the excellent blood of Jesus, already shed and available for the atonement of the land.”

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Referring to the Book of Numbers 35:30-34, the bishop highlighted the severity of shedding innocent blood, citing scriptural references that deem the land polluted and defiled as a result.

Bishop Adeoye called on Christians to fervently pray for God’s mercy and healing upon Nigeria, emphasizing that the nation’s challenges, including hunger and economic hardship, require divine intervention beyond political solutions.

He emphasized, “Any land where innocent souls are killed without justification is placed under the curse of God, and the word of God says that the only remedy to atone the land is to shed the blood of the killers. That is blood for blood!”

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Furthermore, he highlighted the redemptive power of Jesus’ blood shed on the Cross, underscoring its availability for the atonement of the land and the restoration of peace and prosperity.

Bishop Adeoye urged Nigerians to unite in prayer and action towards sanctifying the nation, addressing the root causes of violence, and seeking divine intervention for lasting peace and stability.