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NGO seeks more volunteers to improve economy


Non-Governmental Organisation

Home and Street Kids Welfare Initiative (HSKI), an NGO, on Tuesday, urged Nigerians to take part in voluntary services to develop the country.

Ms Funmi Omisope, the Executive Director of HSKI, told the newsmen in Ilorin that Nigerians should volunteer to help one another for development purposes.

Omisope urged the public to provide services without financial or social reward from a person, group or organisation to grow the economy.

“Volunteering is an unpaid action where someone gives his or her time to help a cause for no profit,’’ the executive director explained.

She said that the benefit of volunteering was to increase social and relationship skills.

“Volunteering helps counter the effects of stress, anger, anxiety, depression and increases self-confidence.

“It helps to stay physically healthy; it helps to practice important skills used in the work place such as team work, communication, problem solving, task management and organisation.

“Volunteering is not just about giving your time; it requires positive energy and dedication.

“You will work with different people. Being friendly and flexible is a key trait of a great volunteer,” she said.

Omisope however said that, there are no requisite qualifications needed to be a volunteer, but that once you know the needs of the community you are good to go.

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