No Nigerian in Afghanistan, says FG

No Nigerian in Afghanistan, says FG

Following the evacuation of different nationals from Afghanistan after the takeover of government by the Taliban, the Federal Government says there are no Nigerians stranded in the country to evacuate.

Recall that since the Taliban announced their presence in Kabul, world leaders have begun the evacuation of their citizens from the country.

While the United States has since reportedly evacuated 4500 of its citizens, the United Kingdom has moved 15, 000 persons under the Operation Pitting Evacuation mission.

The White House in a statement said the next few days were likely to be the most dangerous of the U.S. evacuation operation that the Pentagon said has taken about 111,000 people out of Afghanistan in the past two weeks.

Reacting to calls for the evacuation of Nigerians in the country, the spokesperson of NiDCOM, Abdul-rahman Balogun, said there are no Nigerians in Afghanistan.

“We don’t have any Nigerian in Afghanistan. That’s why we are not carrying out evacuation from the country.”