Toddler dies on hospital admission hours after consuming Paraffin

Toddler dies on hospital admission hours after consuming Paraffin
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A one-year-old boy has reportedly died after he gulped the content of a branded bottle, which was later identified as paraffin.

The incident, which happened at Muhoni Compound area of Etina in Eiffel Flats in Zimbabwe, drew the attention of neighbours and sympathisers.

Police spokesperson, Inspector Magaret Chitove disclosed that the toddler was playing alone in a wooden cabin used as a family house when he asked for some drinking water from his mother, Magaret Tito, 23 who was sitting outside.

The mum told her son to fetch some water from the house and drink, newzimbabwe reports

Unfortunately, the boy grabbed a 500ml bottle containing paraffin, which he mistook for water, and drank.

Chitove said: “The child started coughing continuously, prompting his mother to rush inside the house where she realised he had consumed paraffin.”

The now deceased was given fresh milk to drink to induce vomiting, but he did not.

The mother, with help of neighbours, hired a car and rushed the child to Gweshe Clinic, but was referred to Kadoma General Hospital, where the toddler died upon admission.

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