Teacher returns to school with robotic arms, legs after losing limbs to sepsis

Teacher returns to school with robotic arms, legs after losing limbs to sepsis
A female primary school teacher, Kath TregennaWuzupNigeria

A female primary school teacher, Identified as Kath Tregenna, has returned to school with robotic arms and limbs after losing them to sepsis.

She came down with a fever in the run-up to Christmas two years ago, and it became so severe she had to be admitted to hospital.

The 47-year-old mum-of-two then suffered between seven and 11 cardiac arrests, and her family was told to say their goodbyes.

She said, ‘I owe my life to the 111 operators who noticed some of the symptoms of sepsis and called an ambulance.’

To stop the sepsis from spreading, doctors performed a quadruple amputation on both her legs below the knee and her two arms below the elbow.

She then spent a month in intensive care and spent the New Year rediscovering the world around her but without any limbs.

Kath taught primary school children at the International School of London before catching the deadly blood infection.

She narrated, "As I was going through my recovery, I really knew in my heart that I wanted to get back into the classroom and get back to teaching.

While on her rocky road to recovery, Kath was prescribed prosthetic arm hooks that were uncomfortable and heavy to wear.

"I have always had this dream of being able to go back to teaching, and I just knew I couldn’t do that with these heavy hooks," she said.

As she re-learned how to take her first steps, the school fundraised enough money to cover the costs of a Hero Arm from the UK tech company Open Bionics.

After being suited with her first bionic arm, Kath became much more independent and a few months later, she got another prosthetic fitted on her other arm.

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