UNN authorities harassed me, destroyed my property for twerking - Medical student

UNN authorities harassed me, destroyed my property for twerking - Medical student
Mirabel ObiWuzupNigeria

The 100 level medical student at the University of Nigeria, Nsukka, Mirabel Obi, has debunked reports making the rounds that she was expelled.

The young lady, who was the subject of a viral video where she was captured stripping down to her bodysuit in a twerking contest, declared that UNN had no power to expel her.

“I wasn’t expelled. I repeat. I was only harassed without being heard from. The authorities badged into my hostel and ransacked my properties,” the embattled UNN student lamented.

“A lot of my properties have been damaged, and some are nowhere to be found. How do you invade someone’s privacy?”

A viral video showed her twerking in a bodysuit during a dance competition for N30,000 last week.

The video provoked the Dean of Student Affairs, Edwin Ogechukwu Emeje, who vowed to expel her for soiling the university’s image.

However, Ms Obi has disregarded Mr Omeje’s remarks, insisting in an Instagram post that the school lacks the power to expel her for twerking.

She added that it was in no way a violation of the school’s rules and regulations.

She also noted that twerking had not affected her academic performance, as insinuated by the dean.

“Twerking has nothing to do with my academics as you can’t make become a medical student in UNN without passing 300 and above in your JAMB. I am still very serious, and I know how to balance my social and academic life,” she stated.

Ms Obi further condemned how she was subjected to harassment and humiliation by the school management since the video went viral.

She said the school authorities had not invited her for questioning.

UNN’s official, Ezeani Emmanuel Onyebuchi, declined to comment when contacted by Peoples Gazette regarding Ms Obi’s expulsion. Meanwhile, the administrative officer, Kenechukwu Nzewi, said he could not comment on the issue.


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