Niger Abduction: Freed Islamiya pupil eager to resume school

Some of the freed pupils of Niger Islamiya school.
Some of the freed pupils of Niger Islamiya school. Photo: Romoke Ahmad

One of the freed pupils of the Salihu Tanko Islamiyya School, Tegina, in Rafi Local Government Area of Niger State, Musa, has expressed eagerness to return to school despite abduction ordeal.

Musa made the disclosure as himself and other freed pupils opened up on the ordeals they suffered immediately they were abducted, up until the time of their release last week.

A pupil named Isa said that the abductors made them to trek for almost four days in the forest before reaching a final destination.

“The little ones among us were lifted on the bandits’ motorcycles throughout the movement.

“We were fed with rice, though not enough to satisfy us. We were subjected to severe beatings both in the morning and evening, and they threatened to kill us if our parents did not pay our ransom,” Isa said.

Another one, Musa, said, “They usually beat us and threatened to kill us and dump our bodies in the bush if our parents did not pay the ransom.”

Musa also said that the bandits gave them small food ration and one pure water sachet for two abductees.

He, however, said that the incident would not deter her from continuing with her educational pursuit, adding, ”I am so much eager to go back to school.”

A parent of some of the released pupils, Idris Umar, stated that the incident would not discourage him from sending his children to Islamic school in the town.

Umar said they had already planned to secure the school and other schools in the community.

”We have put in place sensitive security measures that will prevent future occurrences of the incident as our children resume normal academic activities in the school .

”We, the parents, have collectively agreed not to be discouraged by the recent activities of the bandits in preventing our children from acquiring Islamic and western education.

“We will allow and encourage the children to realise that seeking knowledge is the best thing to happen in this world and the hereafter,” he said.


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