Mum pays tribute to 12-year-old daughter, who took own life after rape ordeal

Mum pays tribute to 12-year-old daughter, who took own life after rape ordeal
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A mum has paid tributes to her late 12-year-old daughter, Semina.

Semina's mum said she feels empty as her daughter took her own life without marking her 13th birthday.

Semina Halliwell, from Southport, died on June 12 after spending four nights in hospital.

Her mum, Rachel Halliwell, said the last words her daughter said to her before she was put into a coma was that she had been raped. The disclosure was reported to the police. No cause of death has been confirmed.

On Thursday, the day Semina was supposed to be 13, her mum paid a heartbreaking and emotional tribute to her.

She narrated to the Liverpool Echo stating that she felt empty and devastated: ‘I feel empty, devastated and frightened ahead of going through what would have been her birthday without her.

‘There is a hole in my life which can never be filled again, made so much worse by the horrific circumstances as to how and why she died.

‘[She was] a pure, innocent girl with her whole life ahead of her, and she is no longer here.

‘My heart has broken into a million pieces, I just want my baby back.

Rachel said she wanted her daughter to be remembered as a ‘beautiful, funny and generous girl’.

She added: ‘She was unique from her name to her looks, she will always stay a beautiful 12-year-old girl who stood out from the crowd.’

Along with Rachel's tributes, Semina’s former primary school, St Patrick’s primary in Southport, opened a memorial garden in her memory.

The garden, which was opened in a private ceremony attended by pupils, staff, and Semina’s family, is intended to be an area for children to find ‘peace and friendship’ in.

Parish Priest, Father John Heneghan, who blessed the area, said: ‘We remember Semina with such love and are praying for her mum and loved ones with deep compassion.’

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