Low turnout, faulty card readers mar LG polls in Otto Awori, Shomolu

Lagos LG polls: low turnout, faulty card readers at Otto Awori LCDA, Shomolu
Lagos LG polls: low turnout, faulty card readers at Otto Awori LCDA, Shomolu

Polling units in Otto Awori Local Council Development Area and Shomolu local government are reportedly having a difficult time attending to voters due to faulty card readers.

Vanguard reports that card readers malfunctioned in B unit 005, and unit 008 forcing officials to resort to the use of manual voting.

At polling unit 008, verification began at about 9:46 Voting began at about 10 am. At about 10:30 am when Vanguard got to polling Ward B unit 008, only three voters had voted, as the card reader wasn't not recognizing the voters' fingerprints.

At Ward B Unit 006 and Unit 007 the LASIEC officials came around 9 am, card reader is functioning and voting has commenced in earnest. The election is peaceful.

Mrs. Shitu Muyibat Presiding Officer, Ward B Unit 021 explained that the card can only verify the details of voters but fingerprints are not recognized, with voting being done manually.

At Olorunda Local Council Development Area, Morogbo polling unit 010 Ward E, polling unit officials were just setting up at about 11:29 a, and voting hasn't commenced.

Tribune Online reported that  at Ward F in Shomolu local government, the electoral officials arrived at the polling unit exactly 10:26am on Saturday but no voting activities as of the time of filing this report.

As of 10:26 am, no voter was ready to vote except for the party canvassers and police officials.

At the moment, few voters waiting to exercise their voting rights but deprived by the unavailability of effective card readers even as of 12:05 pm.

However, the polling officials said they have gone for another card.

Speaking to the founding member of a social network connecting voters, Wardchat, Mr. Femi Oguntebi said there is low turnout in Shomolu Local government elections, even as there is low party participation and poor infrastructure.

"The voters' turnout is extremely low as compared to general elections. Very low party participation. There are only four political parties on the ballot. There is poor infrastructure.

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