kidnapping, banditry reduced to barest minimum with NIN – Pantami

kidnapping, banditry reduced to barest minimum with NIN – Pantami
Communications Minister, Isa Pantami

The Minister of Communication and Digital Economy, Dr. Isa Pantami, has claimed that the introduction of the National Identification Number has reduced incidents of banditry and kidnapping.

The minister made the claim, in Abuja, on Thursday, while rendering an account of his stewardship since assuming office, in 2019.

He said, "When I was assigned to supervise the sector on 24, August 2019, unregistered, and partial registered sims were being used to perpetuate crime in the country. Nobody knew the total number of unregistered sims.

"Within less than 15 days in the office, we have engaged the NCC as a regulator. We have directed them to carry audit exercise to enable them come up with unregistered and partial registered sims. They came with around 9.4 million which is enough to populate another country. It was the first time we didn't know the total of unregistered sims in the country.

"And we went further to direct NCC, to ensure that by 25th September 2019, that is only one month few days in office, I spent there to ensure that by end of September 2021, no sim that is not register will be on our network. NCC as a regulator implemented that effectively.

"From the end of September 2019 to 2020, you will discover that even kidnapping and banditry reduced to the barest minimum. It was the time that hardly you can spend one month or more without hearing about a kidnapping.

"The more you come up with policies to make the system effective the more criminals will come up with another strategy to compromise the policies."

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