France lifts ban on UK travellers

France lifts ban on UK travellers



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France has finally lifted its ban on travellers from the Uk.

The requirement to isolate upon arrival will also be scrapped, under changes coming into force from Friday morning, 14th of January, the French tourism minister has confirmed.

Jean-Baptiste Lemonye tweeted: “We are relaxing the entry conditions in France from the UK for vaccinated travellers.

“End of compelling reasons and isolation on arrival.”

He added that travellers will continue to need evidence of a negative coronavirus test taken within 24 hours of departure.

The official decree will be published Friday morning, said Mr Lemonye, and the relaxed rules will take immediate effect.

The travel ban was first introduced on 18 December 2021 in response to fears over the spread of the Omicroncoronavirus variant, and has been in place ever since.

Only those with a slim handful of “compelling reasons” have been permitted entry to France when travelling from the UK, such as French nationals and their families.

Holidays and most family and professional visits have been prohibited.

The rules were slightly loosened last week, allowing for essential professional trips and transit en route to homes elsewhere in the EU.

Now, the ban will be lifted for all vaccinated British travellers.

However, it looks unlikely that the rules will be eased for those from the UK who are not double-jabbed.

The travel industry has expressed relief at the easing of the travel ban.

Julia Simpson, president and CEO of the World Travel and Tourism Council , said: “WTTC welcomes the reopening of French borders to UK travellers. Once a variant is endemic closing borders is pointless and only damages livelihoods especially in travel and tourism one of the hardest hit sectors during the pandemic.

“France is one of the biggest markets for UK tourists who, according to WTTC’s 2021 Economic Impact Report, account for 14 per cent of overseas visitors. Total international visitor spend in France was worth more than €60bn pre-pandemic.”

Several prescient travel companies anticipated the latest announcement by emailing customers encouraging them to book French getaways for as early as this weekend.


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