Desist from eating outside your homes, Nutritionist tells men

Desist from eating outside your homes, Nutritionist tells men
Husband and wife enjoying their mealAcademy of nutrition and dietetics

A nutritionist, Mrs. Ummusalama Dahiru, on Thursday admonished husbands to shun the habit of eating outside, and instead, strive to improve the quality of food in their homes.

Dahiru, who is the Chief Executive Officer of Ummu’s Kitchen, gave the advice in an interview with reporters in Kaduna.

According to her, the habit of some married men who often feed outside their homes is having a negative effect on the health of their families, who are often fed with less nutritious food.

She explained that if such married men minimized or jettisoned the habit, they would channel their resources towards providing quality food in their homes, thereby reducing the rate of malnutrition in their families.

Dahiru recalled that in the early days and a few years back, married men used to eat with their families, but that the practice was changing very fast.

“We are facing this kind of problem, most especially in the North; a man goes outside to eat garnished meat, fish, thick tea, and all sorts of delicious and nutritional-added foods while leaving his family at home with white rice, pepper, and oil.

“You will see a man looking very healthy and strong, while his wife and children are frail and emaciated.

“It is not a crime for a man to eat outside, but he should take home what he eats outside, for us to have a healthier society,” Dahiru said.

She pointed out that a lot of religious leaders had always been preaching fairness, but some men would rather wish good things for themselves only.

She commended Kaduna State Government for keying into the school feeding programs of the Federal Government and urged other states to do some.


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