Christians shouldn't accept kissing roles in movies - Pastor Tojuoluwa Toyinbo

Tojuoluwa Toyinbo

Tojuoluwa Toyinbo

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Vlogger and Pastor, Tojuoluwa Toyinbo, has said that Christians should learn to refuse kissing roles in movies.

According to the Pastor, even if nobody wants to dissect the scriptures on the matters of kissing in movies, she believes that as Nigerians, our culture is everything.

"I generally have an ish with kissing in movies, but focusing on Nollywood now...

"Some people will say they are actors, well....

"I just feel its somehow, especially when they are married....and/or Christians.

"Correct kissing and smooching. ah!

"The one that I'm still trying to understand is when older men kiss and smooch younger girls or younger guys get with older women.

"Let's even assume we don't want to dissect scriptures on the matter, I feel like our culture still has its place.

"Not everything in culture is bad. Somethings don't need to evolve.

"I guess some people would also be like, so how then do we make romantic movies? for here and now, all I can say is that if we hadn't been disentisised or 'trained' to this point, we wouldn't have an issue with lesssexually inclined scenes.

"I may not have a full perspective, but I think I do have a point, especially for married and Christian folks," she said.

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