Botswana to export electricity from 2027 – Official

Botswana to export electricity from 2027 –  Official

From the year 2027, Botswana will become a net exporter of electricity, the Southern African country's mineral minister has said.

Lefoko Moagi, Minister of Mineral Resources, Green Technology and Energy Security, said this while addressing the southern African country's parliament on steps being taken to utilise clean energy resources optimally.

Botswana launched an Integrated Resource Plan (IRP) in December 2020, which is viewed as the driving force behind Botswana's quest to meet local energy demand and be able to export excess electricity, Moagi said.

The plan is a 20-year roadmap for power generation and takes on board different technologies for power generation, according to Moagi.

"From the beginning of the planning period of 2020, Botswana was relying on electricity imports and I believe that the expected increase in local generation from year 2024 will significantly reduce electricity import," he added.

The minister said the plan had identified the implementation of at least two 50MW solar photovoltaic projects as well as 12 grid-tied small solar PV projects in six different areas across the country over the period from 2020 to 2040,

He said the development of renewable energies could enable Botswana to meet rising power demand, reduce dependency on power imports, diversify generation and energy supply portfolios, and at the same time mitigate climate change.

Furthermore, the development will result in increased access to reliable, clean energy to alleviate poverty as well as stimulate and drive economic development.


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