Afghan air force strikes kill 33 Taliban militants

Afghan air force strikes kill 33 Taliban militants

Thirty-three Taliban militants were killed and 17 others wounded in Afghan Air Force (AAF) airstrikes in two provinces on Friday, the country's Defense Ministry confirmed on Saturday.

The ministry said in a statement that in northern Jawzjan province, 19 militants were killed and 15 wounded after warplanes targeted militants' hideouts in Murghab and Hassan Tabbin villages on the outskirts of provincial capital Shiberghan.

According to the ministry, 14 Taliban, including two non-Afghan militants, lost their lives and two others wounded when the air force struck their position on the outskirts of Lashkar Gah, capital of southern Helmand province.

Three militants' vehicles, six motorcycles, two bunkers and a big amount of their weapons and ammunition were also destroyed, the statement added.

While the U.S. and NATO troops have been leaving the Asian country, violence in the country is on the rise.

To contain the situation, Afghan government security forces continue to press the militants.



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