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NCAA warns airlines flying in restricted areas


The Nigeria Civil Aviation Authority has issued a stern warning to airlines operating within the country, threatening severe consequences for flying into restricted areas.

According to the PUNCH, this warning follows a report from the Office of the National Security Adviser, which noted the sighting of an unidentified aircraft over the presidential villa.

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In response, the NCAA addressed a letter to airline operators in Nigeria, emphasising strict adherence to aviation regulations.

The letter stated, “The Nigeria Civil Aviation Authority wishes to refer to Part of Nig.CARs, which states that ‘No person must operate an aircraft in a prohibited area or a restricted area, the particulars of which have been duly published, except in accordance to the condition of the restriction or by permission of the State over whose territory the areas are established.”

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The letter also warned that violations of this regulation would result in sanctions, prosecution, or both, highlighting the severe nature of the infraction. The NCAA cautioned that intruding aircraft could face dire consequences.

Furthermore, the NCAA urged all aircraft owners and operators to ensure their crew obtain thorough weather updates before flights and adhere strictly to air traffic control instructions to avoid inadvertently flying into restricted or prohibited areas.

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