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Nationwide blackout hits Ghana


Ghana is currently grappling with a nationwide power outage as a result of limited gas supply, leaving many parts of the country without electricity.

The power distribution firm, Ghana Grid Company Limited, reported a significant “supply gap of 550MW at peak time” at the Tema power plant, located near the capital city, Accra.

This represents approximately 10% of the country’s total electricity generation capacity.

The extensive power outage began on Thursday evening, affecting numerous areas.

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While power has been restored in some regions, GRIDCo spokesperson Dzifa Bampoh revealed that further outages are expected on Friday evening, particularly during peak hours.

Reports have suggested that gas suppliers may not have received their payments.

The country primarily relies on hydro and thermal sources for its electricity, but maintenance issues often disrupt these sources.

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Gas has become a major energy source for electricity generation in recent years, making the country particularly vulnerable to shortages in gas supply.

Ghana is currently facing one of its most severe economic crises in a generation, and frequent power cuts have been an ongoing issue.

However, this nationwide outage marks the most significant power disruption the country has experienced in the past two years.

A study conducted in June highlighted the precarious state of the country’s energy provision, describing it as “critically unhealthy and tottering towards a power crisis.”

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This situation is further exacerbated by Ghana’s financial challenges, as reported by the Centre for Socioeconomic Studies.

In July, independent power producers in Ghana threatened to halt their operations due to unpaid arrears owed to them by the state-run Electricity Company of Ghana.