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NANS urges NLC to reconsider strike decision


NANS Protest June 12 Democracy Day

The National Association of Nigerian Students has called upon the Nigeria Labour Congress to reconsider its planned industrial action and opt for dialogue with the federal government instead. 

In a statement issued by NANS Senate president, Akinteye Afeez, the organization highlighted the potentially devastating consequences of the strike on academic activities, particularly for students already grappling with numerous challenges within the educational system.

Afeez emphasized that disruptions to academic calendars, examinations, and other educational pursuits could impede students’ progress and further exacerbate the precarious state of the education sector.

NANS underscored the importance of unity and solidarity during times of crisis, urging the NLC to collaborate with the government and other stakeholders to advance the nation’s development agenda.

The statement emphasized, “The Nigerian government has reportedly met approximately 60 percent of the demands presented by the NLC, demonstrating a commitment to addressing workers’ concerns and enhancing their welfare. Nevertheless, the looming threat of a strike poses a significant risk of worsening the economic challenges confronting the nation and disrupting the lives of ordinary citizens, including students.”

NANS appealed to the NLC to refrain from resorting to strike action and explore alternative avenues for resolving disputes with the government. The organization stressed that dialogue and constructive engagement are imperative for addressing grievances and achieving meaningful progress in enhancing the welfare of workers and citizens alike.

NANS expressed its solidarity with the NLC in their advocacy and endeavors to tackle the challenges confronting workers, while ensuring the well-being and prosperity of all Nigerians.


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