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Najeebah: Netizens express outrage over abduction, killings



In the wake of the recent surge in kidnappings and killings in Nigeria, netizens have taken to social media to express their frustration and call for urgent action from the government and security agencies.

The outcry comes as families grapple with the trauma of losing loved ones to merciless kidnappers, prompting a collective plea for a comprehensive response to the escalating insecurity.

Alhaji Mansoor Al-Kadriyar and his six children were victims of a horrifying kidnapping incident that occurred on January 2, 2024.

Nabeeha Al-Kadriyar one of Mansoor’s daughters a 400-level Biological Science student at Ahmadu Bello University, was killed by kidnappers over a delay in paying a N60 million naira ransom.

Nabeeha was laid to rest on Saturday in accordance with Islamic rites.

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The incident, now widely discussed under the hashtag #NajeebahAndHerSisters, has ignited outrage on various social media platforms.

Ariyo Folorunso Oladosu family from Ekiti state was also kidnapped alongside Nabeeha’s family from the same compound.

The kidnappers, operating with brazen audacity, have not only demanded a substantial ransom but have also intensified their threats by allegedly killing a 13-year-old Folorunsho Ariyo.

These criminals have reportedly increased their ransom demands from the initial N60 million staggering N100 million, totaling N700 million for the sisters.

This move, coupled with the alleged killing of victims due to delays in meeting ransom demands, has instilled fear and desperation among families who find themselves at the mercy of these merciless abductors.

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This revelation sparked a series of responses from concerned Nigerians, each expressing their anguish and demanding immediate action.

X user @firstladyship tweeted, “You know the saddest part? Kidnappers & terrorists now show off on the social media. They now have more presence online, more than most content creators.I’ve seen more 10 videos of terrorists posting across several platforms….We must ACT NOW, or we’re already dead!”

@RealQueenBee__ also commented on the broader systemic issues, stating, “It’s obvious that they now break into people’s homes, no longer ambushing them.”

Others echoed the sentiment that the country has become a potential danger zone for all its citizens.

@ThesaaJay posted “Just as you see it, we live in a country that glorifies crime, evil, theft, brazen attitude to leadership by leaders, no single respect or care of lives by those payed by the work of our hands to protect us and keep us safe.”

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The sentiment that the government seems overwhelmed resonated across many responses.

@Iam_Bobbyblack asserted, “If a capital city is unsafe, where can be safe?”

@gathyinsights, called for police officers to address insecurity rather than indulging in unrelated activities, tweeting “Police officers twerking on SM asking if we HV paid our taxes before they do their job. Whether it is their family business including some clamouring for crowd funding. I don’t know.”