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NAHCON seeks enhanced facilities for Hajj departures


The National Hajj Commission of Nigeria has called upon the Federal Airports Authority of Nigeria to upgrade navigational equipment and facilities at Hajj departure centers nationwide Ahead of the 2024 Hajj pilgrimage. 

NAHCON Acting Chairman Jalal Arabi made the request during a meeting with members of FAAN’s Hajj Committee. 

Arabi emphasized the importance of seamless transportation for pilgrims and requested FAAN to provide updates on the readiness of airports involved in the Hajj operations. 

He also urged the committee to adhere to the timeline set by Saudi Arabia for finalizing Hajj arrangements.

You are a formidable partner in Hajj operation. Though, there are certain considerations put in place during hajj transportation, we expect you to tell us the state of the various airports used for transportation of pilgrims.“The committee should be time conscious as they would have limited time to carry out their assignments, going by the time line set by Saudi Arabia for all nations to conclude all Hajj arrangements,” he said.

FAAN Director of Airport Operations Capt. Mukhtar Muye responded by assuring NAHCON that preparations for the 2024 Hajj began two months ago and are progressing smoothly. 

He committed to completing the necessary upgrades before pilgrim transportation commences from the 16 designated departure airports. 

Muye also encouraged NAHCON to persuade tour operators to utilize international terminals instead of the Hajj Terminal, enabling FAAN to generate revenue for further infrastructure improvements. 

Reaffirming FAAN’s commitment to ensuring a smooth Hajj experience for Nigerian pilgrims, Muye emphasized the authority’s dedication to fulfilling its duties responsibly.