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NAFDAC halts sale of unauthorized rice packaging in Borno


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The National Agency of Food and Drugs Administration and Control has taken decisive action to stop the sale of unsealed rice packaged in unauthorized packaging at the Maiduguri market.

In a surveillance operation conducted on Monday, February 12, 2024, the agency identified a violation at Ahmadu Bello Way, Monday Market, Bakin Kasuwa, Lungun Ali Wurin Yankan Taya, Maiduguri, Borno State, and promptly addressed the issue.

During the operation, Triovee Limited was found involved in the unauthorized packaging of raw rice in branded bags. NAFDAC’s swift response led to the seizure of seventy-nine (79) unsealed bags, each containing 50kg of rice, and the company faced penalties following the agency’s regulations.

The NAFDAC team, dedicated to upholding consumer health and regulatory standards in the food industry, took further steps to evacuate the branded bags. As a result, seventy-nine (79) unsealed fake branded Tomato Rice, with an estimated value of approximately N5,135,000, were released from hold.

This proactive measure by NAFDAC emphasizes its commitment to ensuring consumer health and strict adherence to regulatory standards in the food sector.

Such interventions play a crucial role in maintaining the integrity of food products and protecting consumers from potential hazards associated with unauthorized packaging and distribution.

These actions also serve as a deterrent to entities engaging in practices that compromise the safety and quality of food products circulating in the market.