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My sister’s boyfriend broke up with her via SMS, got engaged weeks later – Nigerian lady


A Nigerian lady shares her sister’s heartbreak experience with her boyfriend of 5 years old on social media.

According to the lady, her sister has been dating the guy for 5 years and he met their family.

She said the man spoke about marriage several times with her sister and they were seriously dating when the guy sent her a text message yesterday telling her he’s seeing someone else.

She wrote,

“My heart breaks for my sister. Dating a guy for 5 years. He met the family and all.

“Even spoke about marriage several times.

“Randomly he sent her a text less than a month ago while still in the relationship.

“We woke up today and he has proposed to the girl yesterday.

“Even after she blocked him, he found a way to wish her happy birthday and season greetings.

“Then tried to call her and ask how she was doing. Like I’m so confused.”