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My boss promised me N30m to bring human parts to Lagos, driver confesses


A suspect identified as Timothy Odeniyi has been reportedly arrested with human parts by the Ondo State Security Network Agency, also known as Amotekun Corps.

Odeniyi who was arrested amongst 150 individuals for their alleged involvement in various criminal activities in the state claimed that his boss promised him N30m to bring the human parts to Lagos State.

The PUNCH reported that the 35-year-old who used to be a truck driver in an undisclosed brewery was reportedly arrested on Sunday in Ondo town, Ondo West Local Government Area of the state.

The 35-year-old alleged that his former boss, who worked in the waste section of the company, wanted to use the body parts for rituals.

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According to the Commander of Amotekun Corps in the state, Akogun Adeleye, on Monday in Akure, the state capital, Odeniyi killed a man, severed his body parts and buried his remains in a shallow grave.

He said, “We want to intimate the public on the need to be very careful. Of late, the trend is shifting gradually from daily kidnapping to ritual killings. The public should be careful of the craze to make money by these young men.

“We have a suspect in our custody, Timothy Odeniyi, who was caught and arrested with the legs and hands of a human being wrapped in paper. Upon interrogation, he took us to where he severed the body of the person and hurriedly buried the person in a shallow grave.

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“He was arrested in Ondo town and committed the crime on January 30, 2022. We want to warn the public to be careful of who they go out with. We have a number of them that we are still investigating who will go out with their girlfriends solely for the purpose of killing them for ritual purposes.”

However, while confessing, Odeniyi denied killing anyone but claimed that he “went to the burial ground to cut the legs and hands of one of the corpses buried there.

“Before I was caught, I had planned to take the human parts to the person that sent me in Lagos. He promised to pay me N30m once I deliver the items.

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“I only went to the burial ground in the Sabo area of Ondo town to cut the parts. I did not kill anybody and this was my first time.

“I used to be a trailer driver. The person that sent me used to be my boss when I used to drive trucks.”

Meanwhile, the Amotekun commander said that “Some of them[the 150 suspects] will be handed over to the police for further investigation, especially the homicide issues.

“After discreet investigation, the remaining ones will be taken to court for prosecution.”